Smith Rock Adventure Climbing Session

Smith Rock State Park is one of the highlights of Central Oregon’s High Desert. Located in Terrebonne, about a 45 minute drive from Bend, Smith Rock is a magical place to rock climb, hike, adventure, photograph and the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Hanna and Derek, my clients from last year decided to have a ‘Day After Climbing Session’ at sunrise after they tied the knot at Smith Rock (more on their incredible intimate ceremony soon).

Smith Rock Adventure Session

I am not much of a morning person (this I credit to working the 4:30/ 5 am opening shift at Starbucks during my college days) but if I have the chance to photograph a session at sunrise I AM ALL IN.  Every bit of it is worth setting the alarm early and driving to the destination in the dark. Surprisingly, this was my first time to Smith Rock at dawn and ding dang, it was stunning!!

We hustled down to Rope De Dope Trail, one of apparently several thousand climbs (says so on the state park website) in the park. Hanna and Derek quickly changed into their wedding attire. It was a COLD morning but these two were pros. They were equipped with their Rock Star energy drinks and all the gear they needed to climb.

Photographing adventurous couples in their element is one of my favorite things about being a photographer.  It opens my eyes to new things (and new people).  I am not a climber, but documenting this couple climb made me want to learn how to climb one day. ‘Day After’ sessions don’t have to be the day after your wedding day, but are the perfect time to get more photographs with your significant other, without time constraints of a wedding day.   Think of it as another opportunity to get some good use out of your wedding attire while creating amazing, relaxed portraits.


Smith Rock State Park at sunrise.

Picture of wedding dress hanging on rocks and groom helping bride zip up dress.

Bride and groom get harnessed up in wedding gear.

Groom holds rope. Picture of climbing knot.

Rope De Dope Trail at Smith Rock State Park.

Bride ascends rock face and groom maintains rope.

Two pictures of bride and groom mid-climb.

Two vertical pictures of groom in suit climbing rock. Second picture groom is at the top of the route.

Portrait of bride and groom holding hands in front of tall rock face at Smith Rock park.

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