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Tips for a Successful Maternity Session in Bend, Oregon

Preparing for a new baby comes with a long list of to-do’s from arranging the nursery, meal prepping prior to babies arrival, putting together your birth bag whether it will be a home or hospital birth, and among all of the items on your checklist, don’t forget to schedule your maternity photo session.

Maternity sessions are the perfect way to celebration yourself, the delight of creating new life and the incredible adventure of motherhood you are about to embark on. As you prepare for this milestone, here are a few tips for a successful session in Oregon or wherever you may live.

  1. Find a cute outfit to rock in your photos. Long flowy dresses are always in style but above all wear what is most comfortable showing off your baby bump.
  2. Book your maternity session between 28 – 34 weeks. You want your belly to be pronounced but you don’t want to wait until the last minute when you may not be able to comfortably spend time on your feet, you tire easily or at risk delivering early.
  3. If you want, bring your mate (and your entire family). Maternity sessions are a great opportunity to snap a few  photos of you and your partner. That is never a bad thing! If you have other kids feel free to bring them along as well. This is a memorable time for everyone in the family.
  4. Pick a location that is special to you. If nothing jumps out, a natural setting depending on where you live, like a golden meadow or a beach are always great options. I can help suggestions photogenic places near you.
  5. Don’t forget your hands! Hands are often photographed in maternity photos – Make sure your hands and nails look clean and moisturized. If manicures are your jam, schedule one before your session.

Here’s a glimpse of a recent outdoor maternity session in Bend, Oregon.


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