Really. That is what I am answering to down here. The first night in Antarctica I walked down the hall to see my new friend’s room, I poked my head in and introduced myself to her roommate, Erin. She looked puzzled for a minute and then questioned my name, “What? Did you say your name is Dwight?” Dwight. Gwen. I really don’t see how those two sound anything alike. A simple misunderstanding and now half the people I work with are calling me Dwight. A cute firefighter who lives down the hall passed me on my way to the bathroom the other night and said, “Looking good, Dwight. Looking good.”  I’m sure by the end of my stay here, many of the townies will be calling me Dwight. Such a flattering nickname to have.

Still trying to settle in to a routine here and in the meantime I’ve caught “The Crud”.  I have been fighting it with meds and a lot more sleep than I’d like. I’ve met some nice people here and and am starting to make some friends, one including  a Kiwi fellow, whom half the time I can’t understand what the piss he is saying because of his accent and how fast he speaks. My co-workers are fun – full of energy and laughs which I enjoy (good news because I am stuck with them 11 hours a day). The following photos were taken on a few small outings. If any of you care to send me a care package I am discovering some crucial items that would make life more enjoyable.  Hats – I have to wear a hat to work every day! My classy Ice House hat is already starting to look gnarly. Lipgloss- Yes. I am not one to wear much lip product at home but here I figure I could jazz up my appearance with some lip color. Yes, I realize how vain that makes me sound but really. Working as a DA includes wearing one of the most unflattering outfits ever. EVER. I felt pretty as ever working as a gardener back home covered in dirt. Here it is a different story. I will post a picture of myself one day after a long day of work. Black MC Hammerish kitchen pants, blue polo shirt which usually looks like it is splattered in puke by the end of my shift and hair crammed under my hat. Gross. Most importantly: Hair product! I know I just said that my hair is mostly crammed under my hat but at night and on my days off I am struggling with the dryness and static! Horrible. If anyone has any suggestions on hair products that I could order to help control the static and frizz I will love you forever! Man, I sound vain. On that note: Please enjoy the following images.

Taken at 2 am.

Hut point.

At Scott Base.

The light, view, and surroundings at Scott Base was incredible. Every Thursday night is American night. We are allowed to take a shuttle to the base to visit the Kiwi’s base, go to their store and drink at their bar. Scott Base at peak is about 80 people. Compared to McMurdo which will soon be buzzing with about 1,200 at peak. Behind me in the distance were a few seals flopping around.