While I am primarily a wedding and elopement photographer, I also offer portrait sessions.  Senior portraits, pet portraits, friends sessions or lifestyle portraits.  I like to say I am a people person.  So whether that involves capturing the moments of a couple together deeply in love or getting a glimpse of someone’s soul while photographing them solo — I love bringing the best out of people.   Wallowa Lake is a small gem, tucked away in Northeast Oregon far from any city hustle and bustle.  There is something special about this lake and the nearby communities of Joseph and Enterprise.  I can only imagine being born and raised in a rural part of the country such as Joseph.   Lindsay is one of those people who has spent most of her life in Wallowa County.  She wanted to collaborate on a portrait session and what a perfect place to photograph Lindsay such as Wallowa Lake.  We wondered around, have a few outfit changes and created portraits until Golden hour passed and the last light of the day began to fade.  “Blue hour” is a great time to shoot especially since I’ve always been a fan of a moody image.

Thank you Lindsay!  Brent (my second) and I had a fun time working with you at Wallowa Lake.  You are such a beautiful women – both inside and out.

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