Travel for Destination Weddings

Planning a destination elopement?

Have the celebration of your dreams.

AND COUNT ME IN!  I’m the biggest supporter for breaking those wedding day norms, journeying down the path less traveled by being true to yourself and having the celebration of your wildest dreams.

Imagine waking in up in a place –feeling invigorated and alive– wildly in love with the beauty of the world and your soon-to-be life partner. Getting ready while feeling relaxed and with a heart brimming with joy and intention. Doing exactly what you want, how you want on your wedding day.

The industry tells you there are two paths to take while planning a wedding:

1) A traditional wedding with all the traditional things or

2) An adventure elopement that means you have to get up at the crack of dawn and hike up a mountain or else it’s not a real “adventure elopement.”

Those are both misconceptions, I mean what is “tradition” anyways? We are constantly fed things from the wedding industry that really aren’t tradition. Your wedding or elopement should be about fulfilling your vision of your day not someone else’s vision.

  • You are bada**. You can have a kicka** elopement wherever you want (with the proper permits of course). You don’t need to wake up at the crack of dawn to hike in the dark to create epic imagery to make your celebration worthy. I mean you can definitely do that. I’m all for that and will make sure to set 15 alarms so I am awake, fully caffeinated and fully prepared to be your camera girl to document your love. But if you don’t enjoy hiking, don’t plan a hiking adventure. Elope in the city or in your backyard. Be true to yourself.
  • The wedding industry is really good at convincing us something is traditional, but it’s not. Who says you need to have matching napkins or a big wedding party? Or one with the same number on each side for that matter? Tradition is what you believe and want you want it to be. Or what you don’t.
  • Your wedding should absolutely be the place to start your own traditions.

You can break from the norms and plan your wedding or elopement exactly how and WHERE you want to.

Why hire someone (like me) who is not local to the area?

In short – travel is my biggest INSPIRATION.

A new environment sparks so much inspiration and a level of curiosity that pushes me to create dynamic images to tell your story.

I could talk your ear off and share stories about all the adventures I’ve had while traveling. I won’t do that (unless you want to hear) because this is about YOU, your love and the beginning of the rest of your life together. I’m here to use my experience to help you create the best elopement possible.

My experience traveling has helped shape who I am today and I’ll come prepared for anything. There are plenty of tools I utilize if I haven’t shot in the location prior including: Google Earth, apps to study the path of the sun, cultural research and making sure we secure the proper permits if necessary.

Once I arrive, I’ll do some location scouting and if you are up for it we can adventure together to find the perfect spot for your vows and epic images. Of course I’ll have my camera and share these images with you as a little bonus.

I’m always up for a good adventure.

I offer special rates for locations on my bucket list. Since I love exploring new locations my travel rates are super basic — enough to cover airfare and two nights lodging. I won’t be charging for car rental, additional meals, or additional nights lodging even though I stay longer than 2 nights. I do my best to book travel at least two days in advance to arrive with plenty of time…. because I don’t always trust airlines to not be delayed or overbook. I won’t risk it with your elopement. Not to mention I’ll want to arrive with plenty of time to scout new locations and be well rested for your day.

Reach out to get the conversation started and I’ll start packing.