The Five Kuài Wedding – Part Two – Destination Wedding: Shanghai, China.

Alright. Here it goes. I’ve neglected putting this post up because I can’t narrow down the selection. . . Or maybe I just don’t want to. I’ve known Lindsey since high school…. Maybe junior high (it’s all a little blurry). We haven’t kept it touch very well in the last 10 years or so but in that time we’ve vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, visited in Barcelona and now reunited in Shanghai. I was delighted when Lindsey contacted me telling me she would like me to photograph her wedding. I was beyond myself when she sent me the email with my flight itinerary. Bryan and Lindsey invited me in to their home, and I was happy to help gather finishing touches for the big day and so excited to be there to document their celebration. I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity. I also, can’t help but mention what a great job they did planning their wedding in such a foreign place – imagine trying to get a dress altered where you don’t speak the same language!

Bryan and Lindsey are both English teachers in Shanghai but part of the story behind tying the knot in Shanghai was the family connection to the location. Bryan’s grandparents sought refuge in Shanghai from World War II. They married in the Ohel Moshe Synagogue, which is now a museum, and that is where Lindsey and Bryan also exchanged vows.  The day was incredibly beautiful as I know their life will be together! I am not very good with words so I will get on to the photographs.  Lindsey and Bryan: Seriously. Thank you. Mazel tov!

We walked to where Bryan’s grandparents used to live to get some shots.

The entire wedding party and guests took a double-decker bus, equipped with beer, thru the busy streets of Shanghai to the final destination of the reception: The Bund Beach.

We got off the bus to take some shots of the wedding party on The Bund and were immediately swarmed greeted with onlookers. Seeing a “Western” wedding party on the street is not the norm here. * I will blog more on this later.

Mr. and Mrs. Fine being interviewed by a local news station.

Paper lanterns to end the night. Such a magical sight.

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