I’ve been dying to share this fabulous senior session with one of my 2019 senior models, Beth Anne, and time keeps slipping away.    Beth Anne is representing Sisters High School.  I actually met Beth Anne through another one of my models (thanks, Macie!) and am so thrilled she was excited to apply to be one of my senior models.  When I met Beth Anne, I could tell she was a people person and she had a keen addition to detail and a great eye for style.  Also, can we pause a moment here to talk about how gorgeous her eyes are??  While I was culling these photos, I believe I paused, exclaiming, “wow” multiple times because her eyes are so striking and they just pull you in.   Beth Anne is captain of cheer,  plays softball and loves making people laugh.

      Senior Pictures at Shevlin Park

      For our session at Shevlin Park we wandered around the aspen trees, meandered by the river and hung out on that “perfect for photos” little bridge.  No matter what time of day you are at Shevlin Park, you’ll be able to find a perfect spot for photos.  This time of year the teepees are up, which add a dynamic element to photos.  Here in Bend we have lots  and lots of pine trees and sometimes I find myself missing those giant aspen groves in Colorado, thankfully Shevlin Park is here to satisfy my love of aspen with its little grove nestled in the park.

      All of a sudden, summer is in full swing.  Now is the time to schedule your senior pictures and solidify your photographer if you want a summer session.  Shoot me a message and let’s get something booked!  Don’t forget, here in Central Oregon our summers are SO SHORT (too short!) and that glowing summer evening light is perfect for senior pictures. Trust me!

       Senior Models

      I am still looking for a few more senior high school representatives to join my senior model program.  If you know any Bend junior girls, please send ’em my way.  I’m looking for inspiring junior girls from Bend High School, Summit or Mountain View who have an interest for fashion, love the outdoors and are excited for their senior year and what’s yet to come.  Sound like you?  Send me a message and I will get you the application and more info.

      What’s in it for you?  You’ll get a FREE senior portrait session (print collections not included) and the opportunity to earn sweet bonuses and additional modeling sessions.  Collaborating with senior girls is something I absolutely love doing.  It is an honor to create beautiful images for these girls, that represent the milestone of their senior year, and represent who THEY REALLY ARE and allows THEIR TRUE SELF to shine through.

      To the class of 2019: Enjoy every moment of your final year in high school.  Incredible things await you. . .

      Beth Anne, I can’t wait to work with you again.  Let’s make a plan for our next shoot, mmmkay?