Your Guide to Preparing for Your Personal Branding Shoot In Bend

Preparing for Your Personal Branding Session in Bend

Showing the face behind the brand is so important in building trust with your future clients. So you’ve decided it’s time to show up online but then you realize how much there is to consider when planning a personal branding shoot.

You’ve scrolled online for endless hours, researching photographers with your BFF Google and have finally found a photographer who can capture you and your brand and make you stand-out. You schedule a session and now …. now what?!

Stepping in front of the camera can feel uncomfortable but it doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it should be fun!

From deciding on the location, what to wear, hair and makeup, here are some tips on how to prepare for your personal branding session in Bend.

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Best Clothing Boutiques in Bend

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What do I Wear?

My favorite tip is wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you feel good in your clothing you will look good!

The following question is how many outfits do I need? This depends on the length of your session. Your branding session will fly by and you don’t want to try to do too much in a short period, which will result in you feeling frazzled.

However, the point of a branding session is to walk away with a content library with a variety of images that can be repurposed and used for many months. Typically 2-3 outfits an hour is a solid amount. Don’t forget to bring accessories that can be added/removed quickly for a different look.

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Vanilla Urban Threads

Located in the heart of the Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon, this gorgeous, eclectic boutique offers both stylish women’s and menswear tailored to the bohemian, free-spirited look.

425 SW Powerhouse Dr #307, Bend, OR 97702


Located in downtown Bend, Oregon, this boutique offers a premium shopping experience (including sips of beer while you shop) with the latest trends in women’s clothing. It’s brought to you from the folks from Bozeman, MT who founded Revolvr Menswear.

945 NW Wall St #150, Bend, OR 97701

Banana Republic

Located on the south side of the Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon, this well known shop is the place to go for modern classics like blazers, button ups and everyday essentials.

545 SW Powerhouse Dr #901, Bend, OR 97702

It’s In The Details…

Hair and Makeup

Having your hair and makeup professionally done before your personal branding or headshot session is not required.

Many of my clients chose to have their hair and makeup professionally done prior to their shoot so they can feel camera ready.

My All Inclusive Personal Branding Session includes hair and makeup by one of my preferred HMUA artists in Bend. Professional hair and makeup can be added to any Personal Branding or Headshot Sessions.

Props or B-Roll

Props are not needed for a headshot session but they come in handy for personal branding sessions. B-roll is the secondary content that can be used for background imagery or filler details.

Personal branding sessions are more in depth sessions that tell your story or the story of your business. Often clients will include tools of their trade (cellphone, computer, paint brush, etc.) for some of the photos. In fact, I recommend including some sort of prop, details, or textured surfaces that can be photographed for added variety in your content library. B-roll footage is great for website banners, instagram stories or posts where you want to establish a visual scene.

These details add visual interest and can be used as filler when you don’t want or need to share the face behind the brand.

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