Just when I thought summer was here  with the recent warm weather and melting snow, a storm came in and brought some snow and cooler temperatures to town. Another week has come and gone which included a lot of “Firsts” ; My first Thanksgiving celebrated on another continent, our Thanksgiving meal yesterday (Saturday), first time singing karaoke at the local bar (one of town bars in town), first time EVER spending a continuous hour on an exercise machine and my first visit up Ob Hill. Observation Hill (750 ft.) sits just on the outside of town and offers a great view of town and the surrounding landscape on a clear day. It was slightly stormy and windy so the view was limited yet still spectacular. A large cross sits at the top of the hill in remembrance of Robert Falcon Scott’s party who perished during the Terra Nova Expedition in 1913.

      Here are a few photos from the hike.

      View from the top of Ob Hill, overlooking McMurdo.

      Made it to the top.

      Infinite whiteness.

      It is nearly impossible to see the small speck of a hut in the foreground (left).

      “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” – Alfred Tennyson