Ok, it’s not Monday, I am fully aware of that, but today is my day off so I thought I would take advantage of that and update the ole blog. I’ve been scouting mustache models for my on-going project. Can’t wait to build the mustache collection with a McMurdo chapter.

      In the near future, mustache posts will be back on Mondays but until then here is another fabulous one.

      Badass Stache of the Week.                         McMurdo Station, Ross Island. 2011


      If monday is for mustachios, & tuesday is for tattoos, what are wed, thurs, & fri?

      Sweet! Can we have a Tattoo Tuesday next week? You can use the same subject. And it would give you a reason to get his shirt off! 😉

      Haha… Oh, Dave! I do like the idea of Tattoo Tuesday!!