Mud season.

Self-Portrait #7       Hut Point, Antarctica. 

Things that are going on here and other ramblings:

– I’ve moved in to another room. This time it already feels like “home”. I’m living in the eclectic Tiki Lounge. It has an entry way/ living room area that is shared with 14 people. Attached to that are four rooms two that are the ladies rooms and two that are for the guys. Photos to come soon….

– I’m still fighting a cold. I’m starting to believe I will not feel 100% during my stay here.

– I work approximately 54 hours a week and just applied to work a part-time gig at the coffee shop/bar. Not sure what my schedule will be like yet.

– I’m craving Mexican food. Real Mexican. Hot, spicy, flavorful, delicious Mexican food.

– I’m going to begin my German lessons. Just found out that one of my new roomies speaks fluent German. Yay!

-I have spotted several more flying objects close to town (Skuas).

-Today some of the Galley staff almost convinced me that there was a dog (Sparkles) on station at the firehouse. This practical joke made miss all the furry four-legged creatures in the real world.

– Summer is approaching. We are in the middle of Mud season here. The snow is melting …..quickly. Soon Mac-town will be nothing more than dirt and blowing volcanic dirt. Ugh. Amazing how quick scenery can change.

That’s all I have at the moment. Love to all.

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