Alex and Nate’s wedding day can only be described as picture-perfect and gorgeous.  We began the day documenting the couple getting ready at Governement Camp and then we continued to the venue where the celebration was to be had.  The venue, Mt. Hood B&B, is the perfect outdoor location amongst orchards and Mt. Hood standing majestically in the distance for a summer (or winter) wedding.  For the outdoor-loving and stylish couple this venue has it all – apple orchards, an INCREDIBLE view of Mt. Hood, chicken coop, swing-set,  photographic barn, and vintage furniture like this stunning rose colored couch for stylish photographs.   Thoughtful attention to detail by this sweet couple and key elements hand-made by Nate who is a welder and Alex who is a jeweler (they made their own rings!! So much talent!!) made their day truly their own. The newly weds took a spin in a classic car… and I happily accepted the invite to come along and capture those huge grins as the wind blew thru their hair as we drove through the apple orchards.  Back at the reception the dessert table celebrated loved ones who have passed away and included their favorite dessert. It was an absolute stunning display.   This wonderful couple’s wedding was one for the books.  Special thanks for having Brent and I there to tell the story of your day!!!


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      What a fun wedding that you photographed beautifully!! And that backdrop – holy cow!

      I love this wedding! You did an absolutely amazing job capturing it all!

      Thanks, Cara!

      What a beautiful location! The shots with Mt Hood in the background are perfection, and I really love the groom on the cell phone image. Classic!

      What a gorgeous backdrop! You did a great job capturing their wedding. I can’t believe they made their own rings. They are gorgeous. I especially love the image of the little girl and the groom putting their arms up together. So sweet! You should enter that in a contest.

      Thanks so much Adriana!

      michele with one L

      So pretty and so much fun! I love the swings … and the couch in the field! You captured their beautiful day so perfectly!

      Thank you! It was a beautiful wedding!