The experience was one that I won’t forgot anytime soon. Hypnotic. Mesmerizing. Peaceful. Surreal. The vision was something you might see in a dream or experience if you lived on another planet. The color palette ranged from black to deep blue and then to lighter shades of bright blue and was speckled with almost glowing translucent “ice angels” fluttering around. Occasionally, a random shaped upside down umbrella looking thing would float by. We repeatedly asked, “What are you? What is your purpose on this planet?” It dawned on me while staring into the darkness that this was the closest thing to the night sky that I’ve seen in a month. The little creatures danced around like twinkling stars, moving in a pulsating pattern as one.  Silently, we waited, listening and straining our eyes into the darkness, waiting for something to emerge from the deep blue.  Without warning, an eerie sound vibrated against the glass and metal tube we were in, as if this creature was directly on the other side, attempting to communicate with us. Attempting to draw us in to the depths of the frigid underworld. . . . .

Yesterday a friend and I ventured to the Ob Tube. The observation tube  was placed in  the ice, about a five-minute walk from town, to offer us a glimpse of life under the ice. It is a narrow tube I think around 30 feet down in the sea, which I feared would be claustrophobic but to my surprise if was quite cozy and I found myself daydreaming about spending days down there, having someone open the hatch a throw me a snack every now and then. I think I could handle it. Unfortunately, the sea ice is cracking and the tube will be removed soon. The scenery on and below this continent is probably the closest thing to heaven on earth.

Again, I will emphasis these snap shots do not do justice to the serene beauty here.