Holy Smokes!

Yes. That is the cold, hard truth. I haven’t blogged in over three years. As I type this I hang my head in remorse. Seriously, where does time go?  I’ve been on some pretty sweet adventures- Antarctica 4 times in the last 4 years (!!!), Samoa, Australia, Bali, New Zealand, Spain…. to name a few. Along the way I’ve met some pretty incredible people (one of them is pictured below with his dog), was humbled by the hospitality and kindness of random people and continue to be blown away by the tiny, little threads of  interconnectedness in this enormous, hugely populated world. I continue to be awed by the beauty and tragedy of life.  How do you share all these moments and experiences?? Especially via the vast, impersonal, over-saturated internet??

In addition to working on the ice, exploring (both places and inner self), I’ve continued to photograph weddings (posts coming soon, I promise!) which have been in some beautiful locations across Colorado  (Denver, Durango, Telluride, Crested Butte, and Vail) as well as California and Hawaii and even an engagement shoot in Antarctica!

I’ve done a lot of picture making over the last four years. I can promise you that. Whether it was lack of high-speed internet at the bottom of the world, website updating needing to be done, or just busy living life…. I neglected my lil’ blog.  Honestly, the thought of which image I was going to use for the “re-birth” of my blog really overwhelmed me. . . so much so that I almost put the task aside for another day or another month!

Sooooo….Here are a few from the last time I picked up my camera just a few days ago. *Image of me was made by Brent.

Hello World!  Let me re-introduce myself. My name is Gwen. I now reside in beautiful Wallowa County in the small town of Enterprise, Oregon. My boyfriend, Brent is very talented and has the best heart. I am an observer, an explorer and LOVE the human connection. I love to laugh and I love telling stories. My tool of choice is my camera.

Stay tuned for more images and please be patient while I sort out how blogging works again.

Wallowa _ blue smoke-1 Wallowa _ teak-1 Wallowa_county road-1

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