Hello all!  I apologize for not being better at this blogging thing. I’ve thought of multiple topics, taken random photos, photographed a delicious recipe for brownies (that are better than crack!), and come up with some witty lines….. but so far they have all stayed in my head or on my hard drive. I’ve been a total slacker. All for good reason. I’ve been working on stuff. Good stuff. Moving into a new office, coming up with a grand plan for life (jk), and re-adjusting to working at 5 am. I already have a pretty killer farmers tan and it looks like I’ve been whipped with barbed wire from my knees down. I can’t complain though. I am lucky to have a job where I work outside and am able to get my daily dose of vitamin D. The exciting news is: Wedding season is upon us!!!  I have anxiously been awaiting the arrival and am really  looking forward to my first wedding of the season this Saturday, in Vail, which I will be shooting alongside  J. Nelson Photography.  Check back often for updates from here on out!! xo.