Iceland has been on my list of places to travel for several years now and having the opportunity to photograph this destination intimate, stylish elopement for such and adventurous couple was an absolute dream come true.  Truly an adventure filled love story.

      I met Kristy and Danny six years ago when we were all doing contract work in Antarctica.   Fast forward to over a year ago when Kristy first contacted me telling me they were planning an intimate elopement to celebrate their love and tie the knot….. in Iceland…. and they wanted to inquire about flying me out there to document their day.  My husband, Brent and I were planning to return to work in Antarctica around that time, so I crossed my fingers, and did a happy dance that the dates would work out and I would be available to capture their love story and undoubtedly an epic adventure.

      Iceland was the PERFECT destination for this kind, fun-loving, adventurous, globetrotting couple. With its epic landscapes and wild, unpredictable weather Iceland reminded me of the untouched landscapes of Antarctica.  It’s a magical, awe inspiring place and I don’t have the words to describe the raw beauty of this country.  It leaves you with a feeling (as did Antarctica) that you can’t describe but know it is something special.   I cannot wait to return to Iceland.