Colorado Mountain Elopement | Three Peaks Ranch – Westcliffe, Co

Intimate Ceremony at the Base of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.

Photographing Rose and Dacre’s Colorado mountain elopement at Three Peaks Ranch in Westcliffe, Colorado was one of the highlights of my year. Similar to most every 2020 couple, Rose and Dacre had to change plans for their elopement because of the pandemic.

Due to other circumstances, they had already postponed their elopement plans once before and then Covid hit. They were determined to keep their June date but trying to plan anything, let alone a destination elopement amidst a global pandemic was filled with much uncertainty. Through it all Rose and Dacre handled it with so much grace. They were dream elopement clients to work with and the location at Three Peaks Ranch in Westcliffe, Co. was absolute perfection.

I met Dacre years ago while working in Antarctica. When he and his fiancée reached out to discuss elopement photography I was thrilled. Before meeting Rose, I knew she was going to be awesome because Dacre is such a laidback, kind, cool guy. Rose and I chatted and I knew we would be fast friends (it’s too bad we don’t live in the same state). Right off the bat, I could tell she was genuine, kind and my awkwardness over the phone didn’t scare her away. Their Telluride mountain elopement plans changed due to the pandemic, but instead of postponing a second time they found a new location, Three Peaks Ranch, and said their vows at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Range.

It turns out their first backpacking trip together was in those very mountains on the South Colony trailhead. This trailhead is just up the road from the Three Peaks Ranch venue.

Three Peaks Ranch Intimate Ceremony

This luxury venue sits unassumingly at the foot of a gorgeous mountain range. It is located in official Dark-Sky Territory, which makes it the perfect place to stare at the wide open skies and do some stargazing after getting married.

The venue itself consists of the Gathering Place, which has panoramic views of the mountains and the valley to the east. A main cabin, an indoor/outdoor dining area, and two canvas glamping cabins. And although this location wasn’t in their original plans (thanks, Covid!), it ended up being a gorgeous and safe location for their elopement.

Just like many couples who choose to elope, one of the reasons Rose mentioned they decided to elope was, “It keeps us at the center of the day and because it’s more stress-free.” Going through these images for the blog, I got teary eyed re-living their day. Rose and Dacre shared their vows surrounded by a few family members and their sweet pup. Everything about their day felt intentional and focused on their love for each other.

Stress-free and Intentional

After their sweet ceremony, we created portraits, we had a delicious meal prepared by Chef Meis, and toasted to their love. After the amazing dinner we wandered back outside as the sun set for more portraits. We were even able to get photos with the horses, before a spur of the moment first dance on the barn deck. It was stress-free and just the best day!

Love is so important in this chaotic world. When everything feels exhausting and tumultuous photographing these moments will never get old. Recording these moments is so important. I hope these images will be cherished for generations. Thank you Rose and Dacre for having me come to Colorado to document your beautiful elopement. (especially with all the uncertainty in the world). It was an honor and absolutely wonderful working with you both. Much love to you!

Three Peaks Ranch, Westcliffe Colorado

Groom petting dog with a second image of mom, son, and bride on the ranch patio.

Champagne, glasses and marriage license

Details of grooms attire

Details of rings, flowers and vows books.

Bride getting her hair and makeup done by her sister.

Picture of the dress. Second picture with the dress and dog.

Black and white of bride putting on mascara in mirror.

Bride putting on her dress.

Bride spinning in dress and putting on boots.

Bride kneeling down to put special floral collar on her dog.

Groom getting ready.

Groom putting on cufflinks.

Mom and son sharing an emotional moment.

Groom standing between two canvas glamping tents.

Bride and dad first look. Dad shows a lot of emotion.

Bride looking towards the mountains across the sunny valley.

Bride and dad before ceremony.

Picture of the bride. Picture of the groom and dog.

Bride walking towards the ceremony site.

Bride approaching the groom from behind.

Groom emotional at first look with bride.

Bride and groom saying vows.

Bride smiling as groom reads his vows.

Closeup of groom putting on bride's ring on her finger.

First kiss dip.

Newly weds cheering.

Bride and groom portraits.

Bride and groom with their dog, mountains in the distance.

Candid images of the couple.

Newly weds kissing with the mountains in the background.

Grabbing hands with mountains in the background.

Groom leading his bride across the field.

Black and white image of the couple running away from the camera.

Bride and groom petting a horse on the ranch.

Couple with a horse who is trying to eat grooms boutonnière.

Black and white images; one of the couple with a horse in the distance and one photo of the bride.

Sunset portrait.

Panoramic of ranch horses.

The couple walks towards the glamping tents and a second image their family portrait.

Wine glasses clinking. With second image of a portrait of the couple holding hands in front of the canvas front cabin.

Black and white couple dancing on open air deck with tea lights.

Tea lights strung across open air deck, the couple sits on the ground signing their wedding license with their dog.

Venue: Three Peaks Ranch

Hair & Makeup: Rose’s sister

Flowers: Rose and her sister made the bouquet, boutonniere, dog collar with artificial flowers.

They were the realist fake flowers I’ve ever seen. Beautiful!

Videography: Daylene Wilkins

Jewelry: Catbird NYC, Sarah O Jewlery

Chef: Chef Meis

Check out sweet words from Rose here.

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