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Are you considering proposing to your love this holiday season? Did you know November is one of the most popular months to get engaged? Fun fact: it is the month Brent proposed to me. I can see why it is one of the most popular months for good reason. ūüėČ  One reason for it’s popularity is it’s around the holidays, which is a great time to celebrate with family and friends.  The holidays are a wonderful time to share the exciting news, and it allows for plenty of months to plan a wedding or elopement for the upcoming summer and fall without needing to have a long engagement.

While this couple obviously didn’t get engaged this November, they traveled to Bend, Oregon for a special weekend where Mr. K proposed to his sweet girlfriend. Of course she said ‘Y-E-S’ and they were all smiles!! There is no better way to celebrate than documenting this monumental moment in time with an engagement photo shoot. I’ love helping clients plan the perfect day before capturing their surprise proposals.

Hot to propose: 

  1. Get the ring – Remember, the size of the ring isn’t the answer to a successful marriage but it is helpful to know if your partner has their heart set on a certain style (diamond, certain cut, family heirloom or simple band). There are tools on the web that can help with getting the size right or if you have discussed marriage maybe ring shopping together is in the cards.
  2. Speak to their parent(s) – Is this considered an old fashioned tradition? I’m not sure how many people still do this, but if your partner feels like it is important or their parent(s) do, I feel like it can still be an important step to take or at least consider. My husband asked my dad when we were visiting and apparently my mom wasn’t in the room when he spoke to my dad and then my dad ‘forgot’ to tell my mom. Let’s just say she wasn’t happy at my dad after she heard we were engaged. Haha.
  3. Choose a date – Do you have plans for an upcoming trip or special night out? The date doesn’t have to be a date of significance but picking a date can help you mentally prepare to keep your nerves at a minimum.
  4. Choose a location – Again, this can be local or a destination. Will you be vacationing, visiting a favorite place, or going home for the holidays? Do you want this moment to be private or have family/ friends there? If you are doing it on a trip, choosing a place that isn’t too crowded or overwhelming may be helpful.
  5. Come up with a valid backstory (and by back story, I mean…. lie). The reason for this is you want to make sure your partner is dressed properly for the occasion ESPECIALLY if you are hiring a professional photographer.
  6. Take a deep breath, drop to your knee and pop the question!!

Who’s proposing this holiday season?!

Bend, Oregon is the perfect location to get engaged for any couple year-round: Mt.Bachelor, Drake Park, Dining out in Downtown Bend, Smith Rock State Park, Tumalo Falls, a romantic weekend getaway or staycation. The possibilities are endless.

Local jewelry stores in Bend, Oregon include Pave Fine Jewelry, Saxon’s Fine Jewelers, and Silverado Gallery.

Check out this Leap Day proposal. Don’t forget ladies, you can propose too! 

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Check out this Mt. Bachelor engagement session.

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