Penguins and bumble bees!

Today was a thrilling day. First of all it was my day off which in itself is glorious. I slept until nearly two p.m., laundry was done, postcards written, exercise was had, dinner involved chewing each bite rather than the usual cramming it down my pipe in about 15 minutes AND I was invited to see some penguins that were spotted near the ice runway!! ACK!!!! I was so excited. And yes, these creatures  ARE. THE. CUTEST. little beings that have ever existed.  Unfortunately, a challenger tractor drove by and quickly scared the little creatures off.


    So glad you are having fun, seemingly.
    You're a awesome female!
    Glad to have met you,
    Janie (bret's old auntie)
    If I can help you, in any way, let me know!