Looking back at 2015.

This past year was filled with adventure, love, and of course difficulties and challenges but most exciting is:  entering into a new chapter in my life together with Brent. I am beyond excited for the new year!!

After this season in Antarctica ended, Brent and I traveled New Zealand, hitch hiking and backpacking for several weeks across the incredible landscape. It marks the first time in four years not returning to work in Antarctica, which meant moving to small town Northeastern Oregon and trying to grow my photography business. It’s been a struggle in such an isolated place, having to give in and find a job that is not photography related was a real bummer (but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and at least I found a great gig at the local Art and Culture Center) and with that comes the difficulties of feeling like you are not in the right spot for what you want to pursue. It has been unsettling to say the least.  As much as a small town has it perks, there are also some drawbacks, that have been the cause for some breakdowns, personal growth and finally maybe just acceptance.

On the positive side, no Antarctica means home with the family for the holidays and it was just wonderful. I am so thankful we were able to go home even if it was for a short visit.

Earlier this year I was  given the opportunity  (yay living in Oregon!) to go to an inspiring photo workshop with Dylan Howell, Phil Chester, Sara Byrne, Ryan Muirhead as well as other incredible photographers from across the US. It was brillant.

Before I continue to blab about every last detail from this year the important thing that has and WILL KEEP me going and continue be the common thread of inspiration: People and Relationships. Creating new relationships and building old ones. Being blessed with the opportunity to be a witness to so much love while doing what I dream to do is so incredible. I have so much gratitude for everyone who came into my life this year, those who continue to be a part of my life and for all that may come in 2016. . . .

Stay tuned for a ‘Best of Weddings’  . . . . . .

  • The story is great and the pictures are wonderful!

    • admin said:

      Thanks Alicia!

  • Tanja said:

    What an amazing adventure you are living. I loved reading about it!

    • admin said:

      Thanks for checking it out.

  • Jennie said:

    First Question--What were you doing in Antarctica??!!!

    • admin said:

      Working for the National Science Foundation as a contractor (various jobs: dishwasher, janitor, supply, and scheduling classes for researchers). Interesting world down there for sure.

  • Katharine Green said:

    GAHH! The penguins! I mean who gets authentic shots of penguins and glaciers!?!? I am totally jealous and those are amazing photos! All of them :)

    • admin said:

      Thanks Katharine. It was an incredible experience!

  • Jenae said:

    There is some really awesome and creative stuff going on here-- love your eye and compositions! so good to have these types of posts!!

    • admin said:

      Thank you! I just need to learn to blog more often!

    • admin said:

      Thanks Kayla!

  • Ash Meier said:

    Amazing. That's all I have to say. I love every single photo so much. You are crazy talented.

    • admin said:

      Aww. Thank you so much, Ash!

  • What amazing adventures you've had, and what wonderful photographs to accompany them!

  • Deziree Dufresne said:

    I love your style! So adventous, fresh and rich! Your images are all stunning, and I hope 2016 brings you more exciting things! You're going to rock this year!