For all you scorned lovers.


Christchurch, NZ. 2010

As many of you are aware Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The BIG V-DAY.

First, let me clarify – I am a HUGE fan of LOVE. I am a romantic at heart and have heaps of  love to give… to the right person. But somewhere along this path, having my heart-broken, what seems like encounters with countless jerks and hearing stories from girlfriends and their experiences with men –  it is easy to become jaded, bitter and hard not to go on a man-hating rampage.

Even prior to my broken heart I have never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. To me – it is a huge commercial holiday – Hallmark, Victoria’s Secret must make a killing in February. The other evening I walked into my local grocery store and was hit with a wave of nausea from all the pink and red  heart-shaped items that filled the store! Surprising your significant other with flowers, romantic dinners, and sweetness should be done throughout the year not just on this one day designated for romance.

For all you lovebirds in happy, fulfilling relationships – Good on ya! For all you singles out there – There is still hope for us! I’ve done a little research and found some fun Anti-Valentine’s day activities for you to enjoy….. who knows maybe you will meet Mr. or Mrs. Right in the meantime.

  • DeVotchKa – Cd release show of their fifth album 100 Lovers – Saturday Feb. 12, 2011 at the Fillmore
  • Art Salon (2219 E. 21st Ave) is hosting a Voodoo Doll making class (now this sounds like a good time!)  They will also have a Scorned Lovers pinata  that you can pretend is an ex and bash at to get out some lingering frustration. It’s too late now but something to keep in mind for next year is the Art Salon’s Valentine’s Card making class, offered in early February. They offer an assortment of  rubber stamps with strong adult language to use in creating a “special” card to send to Mr. Wrong, who turned out to be a real D-bag.
  • Feel like getting some steam of your chest? There is a Valentine’s Day 5K at Wash Park  this Sunday, February 13th. Cost:$30 to register. *I’d rather grab my girlfriends and spend that $30  sipping mimosas at brunch!
  • Dougherty’s (5 E. Ellsworth Ave.) is having an Anti-Valentine’s Day Social. Saturday, February 12.   This is where I will most likely be spending my Saturday night. You should come.

If you aren’t caving into the pressure of going out – a bottle of wine and dark chocolate can be quite enjoyable company.

Heart in Alley

Christchurch, NZ. 2010

  • Lindsay Soukup said:

    Gwen, your well-written words are amazing. You truly are a gem. Happy Valentines Day my lady!

    • gwen said:

      You are too sweet Lindsay! xo.