Brides to be: Have you thought about having an unplugged wedding?

I just came across this article from the Off Beat Bride and I personally think it is brilliant.  You can read the entire article by Ariel Meadow Stallings  here:

Think of the last wedding you went to. Maybe you were in the wedding party or maybe just a guest but at any given time during the ceremony if you looked around I’m sure you would have seen at least 10 cameras – most of those being cell phones held in the air, either snapping shots or video clips. I love taking pictures with my cell phone (I heart Instagram) but if you think about it when you are holding a camera or cell phone you are focused on that – not what is fully going on around you. You are not fully present in the situation. I will note that I am not for this “No cameras during ceremony” because I am a wedding photographer but if I were the bride I would think about having these signs up. Granted not everyone will follow but I think technology is a great tool but it can also be a great tool of distraction. I am guilty of being distracted by my phone/camera as well.

Now from a wedding photographer’s stand point:  One of my biggest pet peeves is after the ceremony when it is time for family/formal portraits and everyone and their mom’s are standing behind/beside/around me taking pictures usually with their cell phones of the exact same thing. Here’s the problem folks: When there are 15 plus people in one single image and at least ten cameras including my own – who are those 15 people looking at? Good question. Well, some will be looking at me. Others will be looking at the boyfriend’s camera and some may be looking at Uncle Bobby using his nice dslr. Are you seeing what’s happening here? Everyone is looking in all different directions -confused as to which camera to look at and now the nice portrait I was hired to take is sub par because everyone’s eyes are all over the place.

I’m sure people have lots to say about this topic. Would you have an “Unplugged Wedding”? Or how would you react to seeing a sign like this at a wedding you were attending?  Thoughts?