I’m Gwen.

A few things about me:

I LOVE: Pizza (you can find me and my hubs chowing down at Mondo’s in Bend).  Dance parties (I’m not a great dancer)!  Traveling and exploring (my first BIG adventure was at the age of 17 when I studied abroad in rural Spain.  Spain and the vibrant Spanish culture has a special place in my heart).

I met my dreamboat of a husband while working in Antarctica several years ago.  Part of the lure of working at the bottom of the globe, isolated from society, are the strong connections with incredible like-minded adventurous people that you bond with over the months, especially since you are disconnected from cell phones and practically social media.

As a photographer, I’ve met so many incredible humans.  One of the (many) reasons I love photographing intimate weddings is building that connection with clients; being a witness while documenting those quiet, unspoken moments on such an incredible love-filled day.

I’m a HUGE believer in marriage, a huge believer in human connection and a HUGE believer in LOVE.

Adventuring to the bottom of the world (for 5 years) allowed me to cross paths with the love of my life.  How did you cross paths with yours?

Having an intimate mountain wedding?  Traveling abroad to elope? Count me in!   I’d love to meet for a coffee (or beer) and hear your love story.  Don’t need a photographer? I’d love to meet and hear about your adventures.